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Professional Extermination Services BASED OUT OF New Market, MD

Create a comfortable environment with our extermination services based out of New Market, MD. We help you reduce dirtiness, illness, uneasiness, and more that can come with bugs invading your space. With a focus on your specific needs, we take the time to pinpoint issues and explain to you what is going on to fix problems. We have unlimited access to the products that allow us to meet all your pest control services.

Rodent and emergency pest control in New Market, MD.

Pest Control

Monocacy Pest Control LLC offers extermination services that can take care of rodents, crawling insects, stinging insects, ants, roaches, termites and other wood destroying insects. You need them gone, and we've got it covered. For all pest control services, we offer baiting, trapping, and extermination. Once you contact us, we inquire about the types of pests you've seen on your property, when you noticed a problem, and how you can resolve the problem in the meantime until we arrive on the scene. We are licensed and insured to do all pest control and strive to arrive within 24 to 48 hours of your initial contact.

Once we arrive, we offer a free estimate and perform a walkthrough of your location. We let you know what we find and give you a written quote and set up a day and time to take care of your concerns. We have a 30-day warranty on our pest control services from the time we finish the job. Most of the control methods are pet and people friendly, as well as odorless (for the most part). All of our products are applied according to the label on the product. LABEL IS THE LAW!! All of our products are registered through the EPA. We also offer bed bug removal services and green services by request. We do not offer wildlife services or mosquitoes at this time.