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Termites have required more attention than any insect pest. When you need termite extermination in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or West Virginia, our company has the expertise to help. In their natural state, termites eat fallen logs, old and moist wood, log beams in a basement from a 18th, 19th and early 20th century homes. They are attracted to the moist soil and can invade anyone's home. On your property, they will eat away the equity you have built up in your home and property. If not caught in time, termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. A slow drip from your outside spigot can cause termites to enter your home, as illustrated above and below. 

At Monocacy Pest Control LLC, we certainly understand and have seen firsthand, the devastating effects of termites if left untreated. While most of the damage is hidden, our team of professionals is adept at uncovering their activity. The untrained eye can pass over these clues that can result in serious damage.

You can rely on our company to inspect, detect, and treat any pest control problems, so your investment is better protected. We have proper training and the necessary tools available to get rid of the termite problem.

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When wood is damaged due to termites in your home, various problems can occur. We will look for issues such as mud tubes (as seen in photos) blistered or sagging floors, unexplained cracks in walls or ceilings, and windows and doors that no longer slide smoothly. If weakened or hollow-sounding wood is detected, termites may be feeding under the surface.

Needless to say, all these things can bring about serious safety hazards. Children playing can fall through weakened boards on the floor or railings can collapse. Our qualified team is committed to safety and will ensure that you and your family are not subjected to severe safety issues.

After the damage has occurred and we detect an infestation and conduct bug control, our staff will offer a recommendation on repairs to the home to restore the original safety. We leave nothing to chance and don’t take security lightly. Our team practices safe work methods and stays alert about the safety of people and pets around them.

Termite inspections in New Market, MD.

Termite extermination in New Market, MD


There are a couple of typical treatments used to rid a premise of termites. There is the liquid treatment which creates a barrier between the structure and the ground in an attempt to block them. Then there are the baiting systems that are used and are a safe and unobtrusive method. They are placed around the perimeter of a property and in turn, trap the termites.

Termites ingest the cellulose (sugars) out of the wood. The more cellulose the workers take back to the queen, the bigger her colony gets. Once all the cellulose is gone from the wood, the wood is usually not very sturdy and gets weak. 

When the culprits have already reached your home, a liquid treatment is most beneficial. Baiting systems are also good when a liquid treatment cannot be performed. Termites cannot detect (or see) the bait until they bump into the bait. Once they bump into the bait and taste it, they send a pheromone back to the other termites to come feed on the bait. Performing a Conventional Termite Treatment (with liquid) gives a barrier around the house for many years. The barrier treatment stops termites from getting to your foundation and destroys the colony. When they hit the termiticide, it sticks to them. Once the following termite tries to groom the infected termite and they both get infected.

No matter how small a problem you might have, you can rely on our expertise to provide you with termite control.

Contact us to set up an on-site consultation about your termite problem. We proudly serve Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

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